2016 Program Year

GHCA Program Year – Adopted at Board Meeting – June,  2016

Coordination with others – Finding Common Ground to Work Together

  • Concerning Hyannis -Town of Barnstable, case Greater Hyannis Chamber of Commerce, BID, Hyannis Historical Society, Historic Waterfront Committee, Hyannis Library, Social Services, HySOY, HFD
  • Concerning Town – Other Civic Associations

Standing Committees from Our Bylaws

  • Sec. 1.  Membership Committee:  The Membership Committee shall invite newcomers to membership, earnestly seeking to achieve a membership embracing all residents, property owners and businesses of Hyannis, Hyannis Port and West Hyannisport. – Chair Laura Cronin
  • Sec. 2.  Public Issues Committee:  The Public Issues Committee shall be charged with the responsibility of formulating issues of concern to the  residential and business communities of Hyannis, Hyannis Port and West Hyannisport in order to focus the attention and action of the Greater Hyannis Civic Association. – Chair needed
    • o Streamlining how to do business with the town – epermit??
  • Sec. 3.  Fund Raising and Events Committee:  The Fund Raising and Events Committee shall be charged with promulgating and implementing fund raising ideas and project and events. – Chair Brad Pfeiffer
    • o 4th of July Bike Parade – D. Krau
    • o Santa’s Boat Parade – B Pfeiffer
    • o Kalmus Summer Picnic – A. Feltham
  • Sec. 4.- Communications/Marketing to be added to our bylaws at the next annual meeting–- Chair Sarah Colvin Nelson with Ed Maroney

o   Website,Facebook

o   Press -Papers, Radio Stations

o   Poster in Library, etc for membership and event focus

Major Projects

o   Homeless and Addicted including expansion of social services in the area– D. Krau

o   Hyannis Open Streets – modelled after the Healthy Living – Jane Walsh, Debra Dagwam, Ed Maroney, Elizabeth Wurfbain, Ralph Krau

  • Openstreetsproject.org

o   Parking – Allen Goddard, Alan Feltham

o   Problem Properties – Larry Decker, Bill Cronin, David Jones

o   Creating Neighborhoods – Pat Richards, Lori Luciano

o   Oversite Committee for the Fire Station Building – Larry Decker, Allen Goddard

  • Make recommendations for the HFD Annual Report – Larry Decker, Alan Feltham, Ralph Krau

o   Main St – Chair needed

  • Walk on Wednesdays – Lee Jones
  • Appropriate Windows – an opportunity to pull together groups to approach ideas like hookahs in windows along with other drug devices and selling Spice in a positive concerned neighborhood approach
  • Youth Committee and other High School Groups
  • Hyannis Ambassadors on the Street

Service Projects

o   Robbins Square – South and Pleasant Street – Garden and General Maintenance of the Square – Milt Berglund, Jane Walsh

o   Coordination with HySOY – an organization that supports the youth in our community that was created during the Voices of the Village – Deb Krau, Liaison