February 2016



FEBRUARY 9, viagra sale 2016

Attending: Bill Cronin, click Laura Cronin, Debra Dagwan, Larry Decker, Alan Feltham, Allan Goddard, Dave Jones, Deb Krau, Ralph Krau, Sarah Colvin Nelson, Tony Pelletier, Brad Pfeifer, Uta Quint

Excused:  Kathy Strudwick

Guests:  Victor Skende, Laurie Brown, Dick & Mrs. Somers, Peter & Michelle Cross, Lee & Camie Jones, Councilor Paul Hebert, Irene Aylmer, Ed Maroney, Geoff Spillane, (CCT), Ilma Paixap (Brazilian radio media), Dave Webb, firefighter

President, Bill Cronin opened the meeting at 7:02PM

The January 12, 2016 minutes were unanimously approved with a minor correction

Treasurer’s report   balance is $4,357.28 representing 92 households unanimously approved

Correspondence:  The Hyannis Chamber of Commerce President Jessica Sylver sent an email to be read into the record that there will be a forum on the impact of the homeless on your business at the Courtyard by Marriott on February 19, 2016. Call to rsvp;  Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito is expected to be in attendance.

A thank you note was received from the Hyannis Fire Dept. for GHCA’s donation to Operation Warm. We were also listed as a contributor in an advertisement in the Cape Cod Times.

A request was received from Dave Columbo seeking support to renovate the Black Cat Shack Out Back .

Commissioner Peter Cross, Chair, Hyannis Fire Department gave a presentation on the revised plans that they will be submitting to the HFD tax payers for a vote on April 9, 2016  (10AM to 2PM ). Square footage has been reduced to 32,000 from 56,000. The estimated cost is $18.6 million or $557 per sq. ft., with approximately $1.2 million being used from the sale of real estate to reduce the bond. The bond is now planned for $17.5 million

Commissioner Cross did state that approximately 18.72% of the Hyannis real estate value was in the hands of non profits and as such the remaining 80% have to pay the difference . This continues to have an impact on the ratepayers who have to make up the tax revenues not being paid by the non profits.

He estimated that the increase would be $35.72 per $100K, or $116.75 for the first year for a home valued at $325,000. and declining to zero after 30 years.. He cited that both Chatham and Brewster voters had delayed their projects for a couple of years and the construction costs rose some $2.0 million. He explained that the hose tower would now become a training tower, and as such would save on overtime as firefighters would not need to use the Barnstable County Fire Training Academy.

There was discussion on the cost of the land of approx. $3.0 million. Commissioner Peter Cross stated that the land purchase was approved by the voters 5 years ago, and that the HFD had been paying $116K in interest and by now bonding for 30 Years, the bond costs are $42K.

Question:  who will oversee the project? Board of Commissioners, and that there is consideration to include input from the citizens.

Question: Time to start construction? Estimated 4 to 5 months after passage

Question: Age of current Bldg?   Built in 1965 and it is now over 50Yrs of age

Question: Is there room for expansion? There is additional land as well as the capability to add onto the building.

Question: Do you have the estimated operating costs of the old building to compare to the use of energy efficient construction materials? No

Old Business

Membership Committee:  Laura C. advised that they were reviewing a number of marketing ideas using electronic medias (Twitter, Facebook, etc).

Day Care Center: Deb K. advised that the State wants a facility in Hyannis and if the community does not provide, the State will. The committee is currently working to procure a facility in Hyannis but away from the main business district. She also advised that the RTA will work with this committee to provide transportation as needed.

Deb K is seeking support from the GHCA to assist in promoting a locally controlled program, and to aid in the education, advocacy, and the funding of this model. This model is one that provides the services on one campus. Motion made and voted to provide the needed support to move this program forward.   11 in favor 2 opposed. The minutes will document our support for this program.

Business Membership: Brad P. indicated that his committee due to some being snow birds has shrunk. Alan F. volunteered to be on the committee. Currently there are approx. 8 businesses on the rolls. Discussion if the amount of $50.00 and the lack of the ability to vote were reasons for not joining? Other suggestions was to expand our web site links to further promote these businesses. This will be discussed at the next Board meeting

Deb K also stated that the BID is encouraging its membership to join the GHCA.

Hyannis Fire Department: Laura C. stated that the proposed By Law changes are now up dated, with a new preamble, election guidelines, rules of order, job descriptions, etc. These changes are being reviewed by HFD legal, and will appear on the May warrant. These changes are due to the Clerk by March 9th. Deb K, thanked Laura Cronin, Chair, Nathan Munafo, and Commissioner Peter Cross, (the GHCA members) who are on this committee.

Problem Properties: Bill C. has met with Richard Scali, Director of Regulations, who will circulate the information to his staff and is scheduled to be on the GHCA agenda for April 2016.

Young Professionals:  Sarah C. Nelson, advised that this issue is on the February agenda for this organization and she will be encouraging them to join and become involved with the GHCA.

New Business:

Hyannis Parking Lots: Allen G. advised that at the last meeting there was opposition to the Overlay Parking District by the Planning Board. There is a hearing scheduled for Friday, February 12th, reference parking lots on Ocean Street.

By Laws: There was discussion that if the Board wishes to make voting changes for the businesses it should occur at the next Board meeting so that it can be voted on by the membership at the Annual May Meeting, and it also needs to be on our web site. Bill C advised that the current & proposed changes were on the web site for review.

Nominating Committee: This Committee will meet on Thursday February 11, 2016

Annual May Meeting:   We need a location, speakers, etc. Ralph K volunteered with the assistance of Sarah C. Nelson. FYI   in 2015, $350.00 was spent at the HYC  (space was great) but there was not a lot of appetizers available (cheese & some grapes).

Other:  Bill C. stated that Dave Columbo wished to put some additions to the Black Cat Shack ( elevator, stairways , dining space on the second floor, and that some parking spaces would be reduced). FYI his current parking is a lease arrangement with Hy-Line. Bill C. did have schematics for the Board to examine. A motion was made and unanimously passed to support this business venture. Bill C. will write this letter in support of Dave Columbo’s modifications.

Meeting adjourned at 9:05PM

Respectfully submitted,

Ralph M. Krau.