January 2016

The GHCA Board meets the second Tuesday of the month is the Steamship Authority conference room on School Street in Hyannis at 7pm.  This month’s guest speaker will be Peter Cross, sildenafil Hyannis Fired District Commissioner presenting the updated plans for the new Firehouse.
The GHCA Board meets the second Tuesday of the month is the Steamship Authority conference room on School Street in Hyannis at 7pm.  This month’s guest speaker will be Peter Cross, sildenafil Hyannis Fired District Commissioner presenting the updated plans for the new Firehouse.



JANUARY 12, ambulance 2016

Attending: Bill Cronin, Laura Cronin, Debra Dagwan, Larry Decker, Allan Goddard, Dave Jones, Deb Krau, Ralph Krau, Tony Pelletier

Excused: Alan Feltham, Sarah Colvin Nelson, Brad Pfeifer, Uta Quint, Kathy Strudwick

Guests: Jack & Jean Crooks, Cammie & Lee Jones, Peter & Michele Cross, Councilors, Jen Cullum, Will Crocker, Paul Hebert, an un named couple

President, Bill Cronin opened the meeting at 7:00PM

Everyone was advised that Richard Scali, Director of Regulatory Services would be rescheduled for our March 2016 meeting.

The minutes of 12/8/2015 were unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Larry D. reported that there 91 households (some 170+ members) and that the current balance is $5,153.28 This was unanimously approved.

Correspondence:   A thank you note was received from Mike Magnot, builder of the tug boat   “TOOT TOOT” for his award for his boat in the Harbor Lighting Boat Parade program put on by the GHCA. Thank you Brad P

Guest Speakers:

Councilor, Jen Cullum spoke about the needle exchange program and why the Town personnel were not notified that these services would be located in Hyannis. She advised that there are 5 counselors that are now more focused on Hyannis and the two committees are being formed to discuss and work to finding a solution. Many of the Councilors will attend the MMA conference and will try to net work with other communities who may have the same issues as Barnstable.



Charge: to collaborate with elected officials including our legislative delegation, town administration, law enforcement, emergency services, services agencies, local business leaders, and interested members of our community to understand the financial impact of drugs on the Barnstable Community. The output of the committee will be multi-pronged solutions and partnerships across organizations and the county to mitigate the growing drug epidemic that is plaguing our region.

The second committee is:



Charge: to evaluate and better understand the complicated problems of homelessness and its overall impact on our community. To enlist the help of our legislative assembly, locally elected officials, county officials, service providers, and community advocates and work toward a future where Hyannis is an active participant in finding workable solutions for the homeless population it shoulders.   

Old Business:

Discussion on Kappy’s Liquor Store;   The Board was advised by the attending Town Councilors that they paid $500,000.00 for the license which was held by the Cotuit Grocery Store, and that they had secure some 750 signatures during the holidays (at the Cape Cod Mall), and that Kappy’s projects that there will be substantial growth in Hyannis. In addition there is water and sewer and public transportation. They proposed to the licensing board that vehicles would enter from Rte. 28 and exit on to Spring Street ( a small residential street)   Their vote was 2 in favor 1 opposed. This area (within less than one mile) currently has two full and five beer & wine licenses, plus numerous dining facilities. Most people will naturally enter and exit via Rte. 28 as it is more convenient for those traveling West, East & North. Those traveling South will be headed into the Hyannis commercial district. This will become a traffic nightmare and accidents will occur. It was also noted that there was very little advance notice for the public to be able to respond. Generally information appears in the Thursday/Friday editions for meeting being held on Monday/Tuesday mornings. The Board voted to send a letter to the ABCC that we are for free enterprise but that this location is not suitable for a full liquor license sales facility. Ralph Krau will write a response for the delegation going to present a relocation position.

The Councilors advised that there is Council led Charter Review Committee and that they are seeking representation from each village. The next meeting is scheduled for February 11, 2016 at 5:30PM to be held in the Selectman’s conference room. President Cronin is seeking volunteers to attend on behalf of the village of Hyannis.

In reference to the current homeless population, Councilor Hebert suggested that the State re open some of the previously closed mental facilities – perhaps the use of the “Old Barnstable Jail”; other comments were that 3 new judges are being installed and they will need training to come up to speed for the issues in Barnstable County; the Barnstable Sheriff has hired an individual from Pittsfield MA. to work on using available facilities for the homeless; and discussions continued on the consolidation of agencies and the monitoring of their deliverables.

Membership:   Laura C.     no report

Day Car Center:   Deb K reported that this committee is seeking a location, and that HAC needs to advise the committee what will happen to 77 Winter Street once a new location has been established. Bill C. suggested consideration should be given to other facilities such as the K of C; Osterville Elementary, Sandwich Elementary, the old jail, etc.   Councilor Hebert advised that there is the availability of CBCG funds, CCD funds, Preservation Funds, which the committee should continue to explore as they find a suitable location.   Peter Cross stated that the loss of taxable properties (PILOT) program over the last several years has lost Hyannis over $3.0 million is revenue due to non profits using facilities in Hyannis.

Fundraising: no report

Fire Department Report:   Commissioner Peter Cross stated that the next meeting is scheduled for January 14, 2016, at 7PM at the fire station and that there is planned a vote on April 9, 2016 for the new fire station, and the proposed costs. Additional agendas  would also be devoted to this topic, including marketing to the media, etc.. The HFD By Law meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 13, 2016 at 7PM.

Membership   Young Professionals   Sarah Colvin Nelson was not in attendance – no report

New Business:

Parking Lots     President Bill C. provided a report done some 15 years ago at a cost of $70K   that is currently being used by the new consultants. There will be a hearing on February 12, 2016 by the Assistant Town Manager, Mark Ells. The Planning Board is studying the parking situation and perhaps creating an Overlay Parking District.

By Laws   Bill C. is seeking further comment   He has received some input and is advising the Board that the issue is still open for further comment.

Champ House Expansion: This issue went before the Site Plan Review and was continued as the proposed plan did not meet parking guidelines. Discussion was that this issue needs to go to a public forum. Tom Perry, Building Inspector did not grant the parking variance and is on hold   Current advice is that this issue should go before the Zoning Board of Appeals. Further discussion was that these various Boards need to change their culture of business-as-usual, and there needs to be more transparency from staff. Motion made by Laura C and unanimously passed that a letter is to go to the administration for more public comment and greater notification for the public to be able to respond. Deb K. volunteered to write this letter on behalf of the GHCA.

Hyannis Historical Society:   Councilor Hebert advised that this committee is a concept to keep the historic culture of the village of Hyannis, to preserve its historic buildings, especially in the School & Pleasant Street area which are on the Federal Register. While we have the Waterfront Historic Committee and the Town Historic Committee and that a number of buildings are on the State & the Federal registers, there are developers who wish to make major changes to these properties. There are numerous Old Captains Houses in this area and there are some 600+ properties that are in the village of Hyannis that should have some sort of historic recognition. He did state that there is possible funding from the CBCG, The CPA, etc. to assist in this endeavor. Bill C. asked for a list of existing members of the Hyannis Historical Society which Ralph K. will provide.

President Bill C. advised the Board that he is seeking members for the Board as well as for its Officers. Nominations are due in April 2016.

Larry D. – Treasurer advised he had an insurance bill for Directors & Officers in the amount of $625.00 The Board unanimously approved payment.

Other discussions were directed at how to use the Cape Cod Times Barnstable Patriot, and other technology, Facebook, etc, to provide information about the GHCA, its agendas and the things it is doing for the residents of the village of Hyannis.. Bill C. is seeking guidance on what and how do we use this “media.”

Meeting adjourned at 8:50PM

Respectfully submitted,

Ralph M. Krau