June 11, 2013

Greater Hyannis Civic Association Board Meeting Report – June 11, more about 2013

The following topics were discussed at the June Board of Directors Meeting.

Membership – there is still a need to figure out a way to get more members to join the GHCA.  We discussed what sort of things have we’ve done before which rallied the citizens of Hyannis and what could we do now to rally them again. Effective topics from the past were Voices of the Village, prostate Hyannis Supporting Our Youth, order the Landlord Regulation Ordinances, and the Garden Spot. Things we might do in the future are fundraising for scholarships and more involvement with the elementary schools (HYSOY),and fund raiser for summer camp schoolarships. Deb Dagwan volunteered to contact our PTO’s to see who we could work with.

New Fire Station – the Board requested our fire station advisory committee to try and get a copy of the plans for the new fire station for the next Board meeting so we can see what amenities are part of the current plans and prepare feedback to the architect/building committee team.

LRR – July 11 is the next Town Council review of the remaining ordinance.  All are encouraged to attend to show support.

July 4th Parade – we are still in need for volunteers for a few more tasks with the parade.  Paulette Rio will put out a call for volunteers again.

Hyannis Distillery – the owners pulled their application.  This is a dead issue for now.

Barnstable 375th Anniversary Committee (2014) is being formed, and the Civic Association would like to take part.  The town committee is looking for a list of ideas on what sort of things to do during this year-long event.  There is a meeting for those who are interested in the Town Hall Councilor’s Room on June 19 at 2pm.