March 2016

Congratulations to the Hyannis Fire District voters on passing the vote to build a new Fire Station! Now we can all work together to support getting the new station built. The land is now cleared. Check out the Hyannis Fire District website for minutes of the building committee.
Congratulations to the Hyannis Fire District voters on passing the vote to build a new Fire Station! Now we can all work together to support getting the new station built. The land is now cleared. Check out the Hyannis Fire District website for minutes of the building committee.



MARCH 8, no rx 2016

Attending:       Bill Cronin, pharmacy Laura Cronin, sovaldi Deb Dagwan, Larry Decker, Alan Feltham, Allan Goddard, Deb Krau, Ralph Krau, Sarah Colvin Nelson, Tony Pelletier, Brad Pfeifer,

Excused:         Dave Jones, Uta Quint, Kathy Strudwick

Guests:            Cammie & Lee Jones, Jane Walsh, Betsy Young, Elizabeth Wurfbain, Ed Maroney

President Bill Cronin opened the meeting at 7:00PM

The February 9, 2016 minutes were unanimously accepted with correction(s).

Treasurer’s Report:      Larry D. advised that there is a balance of $4,415.28, we have 95 households or approximately 180 member


President Bill C advised that Kathy Strudwick had resigned, due to family medical issues

Larry Decker advised that Richard Scali, Director of Regulatory Services, would be at our April Board Meeting

Alan Feltham, advised that Aaron Web, Owner of the Daily Paper Restaurant has indicated that he is interested in being a business member of the GHCA. He is a resident of Centerville and has two businesses in Hyannis.

President Bill C. received a notification from Melissa Heresh,, that there will be a Hyannis Public Art Walk from Pearl Street to Spanky’s Restaurant on Ocean Street. Sarah C.N. will get additional information to put on our web site.

President Cronin reported that there will be a Block Grant Public Meeting, held by the Growth Management Department to discuss the dispersing of approximately $270K. in Community Block Grant Funds (CBDG). Letters requesting consideration need to be sent to the Growth Mgt Dept. as soon as possible. These are Federal Funds which are used to assist mainly for low income programs, as well as some business assistance(s).

The Licensing Committee will discuss its rules & regulations on March 21, 2016 at 9:30AM, at Town Hall. They will discuss year around licenses, season al licenses, 11 month licenses, versus an annual license, closing for maintenance, penalties etc.

Mass. DOT sent information that the meeting held on February 18, 2016 on the development of Yarmouth road & Rte #28 is approximately 5 years away. Allan Goddard did attend this meeting and indicated that the KAM bldg would be demolished and there would be bicycle lanes added.

President Bill Cronin, asked that Lee Jones be accepted as a member of the Board.  This was unanimously approved and all new correspondence will be sent to him. Welcome Lee Jones.

Guest(s) Elizabeth Wurfbain, Betsy Young & Jane Walsh members of the Hyannis BID discussed membership in the GHCA. They provided information that Hyannis they believe in the GHCA and wish to support it. (Ms. Walsh & Young are also residents of the Village of Hyannis. Ms. Walsh indicated she would be walking our application around to other businesses to join.

Ms Wurfbain stated that she was reaching out to our Councilors, the Administration, the Chamber on issues concerning the business district, the homeless concerns and the need for more collaboration between all of the parties.

The BID does hold its meetings on the first Tuesday of the month at the JFK Museum starting at 8:15AM, and one can ask to be on their agenda with a special interest, and or talk when they have their open discussion on their agenda.

The consensus of the Bd was to send our agendas to the BID and for the BID to keep the GHCA aware of happenings that could be of interest to the civic association. It was also the consensus to work with the BID to market the business district during the Fall & Winter season.

Old Business:

Membership Committee. Discussion was held on whether to continue to charge the business community $50.   per year of to revise. After discussion the vote was to lower it to $20. for all members, residents as well as businesses. The goal is to build the membership of the GHCA. Brad P. will initiate with correcting our forms as well as to amend our By Laws. Jane Walsh spoke that the business to business card was deemed of a great sales point to promote   In addition there was discussion that advertising would be an additional cost on the web site. Motion was unanimous. The question of voting by residents or business owners versus absentee property owners…or non residents. The motion made by Deb K , seconded by Sarah C. N., and unanimously approved was for the business member or their designee to be a voter.

Annual Meeting: Sarah C.N. & Ralph K co chairs advised that the date selected is Tuesday, May 24th. It will be a more casual style format, with a past, present & future video presentation (high light successes), supplemented by a couple of speakers. Ralph K. stated there will not be any political persons speaking, and that the committee is seeking input such as the new Superintendent of Schools, the New Town Manager should that person be on board; the current Assistant town Manager, homeless issues, former   Senator Dan Wolf to Speak on Cape Air (President )  and its future, and the work force in Hyannis, Glen Cannon of the DOT to talk on the construction of the Rte 28 from Beasre’s Way to the Yarmouth line & Yarmouth Road., Cape Cod Baseball league, etc; Ralph & Sarah to solicit input from all of the Board.   Deb K. asked that we present our donations to HySoy & the Library in person at this meeting;   GHCA should promote the collection of books for the kids to promote early reading   including books in English & Portuguese.

Day Care Center: Deb K reported that there are some properties that the Transitional Living Center Committee is contemplating….Zero Phinney’s Lane (currently owned by the County), 114 Iyanough Road, which is in an airport crash zone and may not be eligible for federal funds, near the hospital, Ferndoc area. Etc. She advised that as of last Monday there were only 7 homeless in camps which have been cleared out. There is also pressure on the outreach workers to step up services and be held accountable.

Hyannis Fire Department: There will be a meeting held on Thursday, March 10, 2016, at 7PM. There will be a vote on the new fire station on April9, 2016, from 10MA till 2PM. Deb K. will seek to obtain space to hold a candidates night on Tuesday, April 26th, ; She also that for the meeting on April 9, 2016, she will need to have at least 15 members in the hall to maintain a quorum. Volunteers needed.

Discussion was held on whether GHCA should take a formal position on the new fire station. Allan g. indicated there are persons opposed which could be contentious; Alan F. indicated that there is no benefit in alienating the HFD, and Laura C. advised we should stay neutral; The GHCA was very adamant that the Commissioners acting on overseeing the project should include some members of the public (an independent group) to be appointed. These individuals should have some knowledge of construction of a public facility of this nature. A letter will be sent after the April 9, 2016 vote Ralph K. to provide the draft.

Problem Properties:  Bill C. advised that Richard Scali, Director of Regulatory Services and Tom Perry., Bldg Inspector will be at our April 12, 2016 meeting.

Membership Opportunities:   Sarah C.N. stated that the Young Professionals would be holding its “Shape of the Cape” conference on March 26th. Sarah will man a table to promote GHCA membership.

New Business:

Parking lots; Planning Board will be sending this proposal back to the beginning   ground zero   and that there would mot be any recommendation to the Town Council

By Laws…They are currently on line and members can make suggested changes. This item will be on the April 12, 2016 agenda for a vote.

The Nominating Committee stated that they were still looking for someone to be the Vice President.

Symphony:   Deb K. opened the discussion how do we keep the symphony in Barnstable namely Hyannis, versus Mashpee, etc. A coordinated effort from the BID, Chamber, & the GHCA is necessary. Motion made to support this effort received a majority vote – two opposed. Deb K. to coordinate this effort.

Meeting adjourned at 9:20PM

Respectfully submitted,

Ralph M. Krau, Secretary