Voices of the Village

In April 2011, sildenafil  over 300 people attended our first Voices of the Village meeting.  The diverse attendance included residents, stomach business owners, ailment town, school and village officials, the District Attorney, and many social service agencies. The meeting began by celebrating the many positives in our village.

Those present also identified several areas on which to focus our attention, and work continues on the following task forces:  Landlords (Private and Public), Tenants and Regulatory Enforcement;  Mentoring Children and Supporting our Next Generation;  Neighborhoods including Watches, Mutual Support, Street People and the Camps.  Initially, over 100 people signed up to work on the various task forces, and each task force continues to be facilitated by a member of the GHCA Board, along with a chair from a member of the community.

There is still time to be part of the solution. Send your concerns and ideas to the Civic Association at GreatHyannis@aol.com. Indicate if you would like more information on the task forces or if you would like to join the Civic Association to lend a hand. Also send us any questions or concerns that you have either about thesee task forces or about any issue facing Hyannis residents, and we will try and route your issues to the appropriate resource to get it resolved.


Coordinating Committee: Deb Krau, Chair, Elizabeth Wurfbain, BID, Irene Aylmer, Bob Ciolek, Bill Cronin, Laura Cronin, and Ralph Krau

Task Forces Facilitator Co-Chair Co-Chair
Supporting Our Youth

Deb Krau

Moira Bundschuh

Susan Anderson



Ralph Krau

Jeanne Stevens Pat Richards

Landlord-Rentals & Regs

Laura Cronin

John Crow

Milton Berglund