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Voices of the Village
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Hyannis Supporting Our Youth Task Force

~Building Positive Community with our Youth~

October 2011:

The Greater Hyannis Civic Association’s Supporting Our Youth Taskforce (HySOY for short) has been meeting weekly since the large Voice of the Village meeting in April 2011. With active membership at about twenty-five people and many more willing to provide mentoring assistance, discount the group is diverse and strong in its strengths. Members include former or current educators and principals, pastors, business people, parents and grandparents. Each member has committed to supporting Hyannis youth through both existing programs and through the creation of new initiatives.

Members have joined subcommittees to work on various areas of supporting our youth:

1. Mentoring

During weekly meetings we have met with guest speakers and current members who have developed and implemented successful mentoring programs. Members have met with Barnstable School District personnel at the district and school level to determine what programs already exist, how we can support these and if there is an age group that needs more services. The committee feels we can best help with mentoring in a few different areas:

1. Support the newly formed leadership partnership between Barnstable High School students and HYCC students in grades 4 – 6

2. Designing a proposal that will continue the important connection of caring between Hyannis West staff and students and alumni in grades 4 – 7 through a student-to-student mentoring program

3. Supporting adult/child mentoring through the schools

4. Providing summer reading times for students in grades 4 through 7 during July and August on Mondays through Thursdays at the Hyannis Public Library (11am-12pm) and at the Hyannis Youth and Community Center’s United Cultures Resource Room (4-5pm)

5. Providing drop-in homework assistance at the Hyannis Youth and Community Center’s United Cultures Resource Room beginning in the Fall 2011 from 2:30-5:30pm.

6. Providing interdenominational faith-based youth group and mentoring opportunities for children and families that would like type of program

The mentoring committee is working diligently to develop proposals and action plans to execute the above ideas in an organized and purposeful manner. They have developed a mission statement that reads: The purpose of our task force is the empowering of our youth to make right choices.  We will help them to reach to be the best they can be; to achieve their potential and discover their strengths; to build their self-esteem by knowing that we in the community care about them.

2. Childhood Enrichment Opportunities (CEO)

This committee has worked on developing ideas for supporting youth through extracurricular opportunities that might not be possible due to financial constraints. As of right now, committee members are developing strategies and proposals to identify camps, lessons, sports and musical activities that children might like to join and are working on different ways to obtain sponsorships for children to attend these activities. They have developed a letter to prospective business donors and have started to design a protocol for accepting monetary and in-kind donations for children in need. In addition, they are working on a simple form for parents to fill out to apply for a sponsorship. Members are also looking into developing a calendar listing of child and family friendly events in Hyannis and have begun to compile a listing of all services and programs available to Hyannis families. Once the proposals are finalized and approved, the committee would like to begin contacting extracurricular activities, businesses and families to begin the process of matching children and activities.

As a whole group the taskforce has met with Jan Barton from Barnstable’s Smart, Safe and Sober and heard a short presentation about the benefits of this program. Members have been encouraged to join in helping BeS3 mission to help young people make good choices. In addition, we are working to support the Hyannis Youth and Community Center, including the United Cultures Resource Room. Ingrid Muzy Murray from the Barnstable Human Rights Commission will be presenting about our taskforce at one of their meetings and hopefully we can support their work and receive valuable insight and support from the commissioners.

Overall, the taskforce has been very busy learning about many great programs for Hyannis youth and also pinpointing where we can support and strengthen areas of need. We currently meet every Tuesday at 6pm at the Hyannis Youth and Community Center’s United Cultures Resource Room during the school year and one time per month during June, July and August. New members are always welcome. We are always looking for new members and are recruiting volunteers to help with summer reading. Please contact Moira Bundschuh, director, at for more information or to volunteer.  Also, visit our blog: or Facebook page:


Update: May 2012

The Hyannis Supporting Our Youth Task Force is pleased to have accomplished so many things since our inception in April of 2011. In support of our mission, “building positive community with our youth,” we have:

  • provided a Summer Reading program at the Hyannis Public Library and Hyannis Youth and Community Center during August 2011 and will provide it this year on Tuesdays/Thursdays during July and August for students in grades 4-7.
  • developed and implemented an Early Literacy Initiative focused on providing reading and free books to children aged 0-10. Collected over 1000 books and distributed books to students through Head Start, at Hyannis West Elementary School and to students in grades 4-7 through the Homework Help program at the Hyannis Youth and Community Center.
  • developed and implemented an In School Mentoring program at Hyannis West Elementary School, including training mentors, providing on-going education for mentors, and matching mentors with children in Kindergarten. The program will expand next year with additional mentors coming alongside kindergartners and current mentors following their student to 1st grade.
  • developed and implemented a Homework Help program for students in grades 4-7, Mondays through Thursdays, at the Hyannis Youth and Community Center’s United Cultures Resource Room
  • raised over $5000 to provide sponsorships for students to attend recreational, artistic and cultural activities over the summer
  • received our State of Massachusetts non-profit status, Federal EIN# and are in process for our Federal 501(c)3 designation
  • elected officers in January for a tenure of one year
  • developed a blog and Facebook page to keep people informed: and
  • meet weekly at 6pm at the Hyannis Youth and Community Center to develop and maintain current programs (we will meet one time per month in June/July/August)
  • are always looking for new members and volunteers

Visit our blog: for more information.

For general questions on the Voices of the Village, please contact the coordinating committee at