Annual Membership Drive

The GHCA Board meets at the Steamship Authority conference room on School Street at 7pm on the second Tuesday of every month.  All members are invited to attend.
It’s time once again to build up the GHCA membership.  At the February Board meeting the following ideas were discussed:  (1) send a mailing to the VoV list. (2) Send a mailing to the Hyannis New Comers membership list. (3) Each Board member could bring 5 names and addresses of their neighbors to the next Board meeting, we will cross –check the names with our list and then send a mailing. (4) Pick a greater Hyannis neighborhood and do a mailing. All members are encouraged to offer ideas.  Feel free to send an email to or call Bill Cronin at 508-771-0644 with your ideas or to volunteer to help raise new members.