August 2019

AUGUST 13.2019

Attending: Laura Cronin, Larry Decker, Dave Jones, Deb Krau, Ralph Krau, Fred LaSelva,
Ed Maroney, Brad Pfeifer, Jane Walsh, Betsy Young
Excused: Deb Dagwan, Alan Feltham, Uta Quint
Guests: Mr. Joe Laham, Atty Michael Ford, Tom Cambareri

Deb Krau opened the meeting at 6:30PM
The minutes of July 9, 2019 were unanimously approved
Treasurer’s Report: Laura C. advised the balance in the checking account is $3972.69, and the HOS account is $26,537.62 unanimously approved
Deb K. advised that the next meeting on the Verizon Tower is scheduled for September 12, before the Historical Appeals Committee
The initial Ocean Street meeting has some 63+ attendees who created various work committees and their next meeting is scheduled for August 19, 2019. The sub committees are to report on their findings.

Mr. Laham and Atty Ford presented their plans to relocate their proposed car wash from North & Stevens Street to the old GMC facility located on Willow Street. They reviewed what they planned for the ground water protection, as well as the handling of wastewater with the use ofa tight tank. Currently there is no sewer on Willow or Rosary Lane. Sewers are planned but not designed. Mr. Laham advised he would be assisting with sewer funding for $200,000.00 for sewer to come from Old Yarmouth Rd to Ferndoc to Rosary. The Board asked numerous questions mostly concerning traffic in & out via Rosary and Yarmouth Rd .A motion was made by Ed M. seconded by Laura C. for the GHCA to support Mr. Laham moving forward to open a car wash/detailing facility located on Yarmouth Rd at the site of the GMC dealership including that Mr. Laham be committed to assisting on the development of sewer service for this area.The motion was approved unanimously. Mr. Laham’s property located at Steven’s & North hearing is continued until September 23rd.. During this time period he will be meeting with the Water Board, Planning Board, and the Zoning Board of Appeals. Mr. Laham is committed to working with the neighbors in the Stevens /North area and once his new site on Yarmouth Road is approved, he will be seeking new ideas for the Stevens / North Street location.
Public Issues update:
Tom Cambareri. gave a report on the airport, the county and the PIP. The consultant’s report consisted mainly of what has been done, some improvements, and some plans on the clean up of the problem. One of their issues is that the FAA requires certain solvents that contain PFOs, there also is the training on the use of foam which has PFOS, but that the airports PFOS problem is not as bad as the BCFTA

BCFTA PIP The request by GHCA for an advisory committee was not approved by the County The major reason is it is not a State requirement nor a State request. DEP did ask for a Capital Plan to be given by August 21st. This deadline will be extended and there may be a second draft without public comment. There continues to be a lack of transparency from the county on reporting. An example of this is the letter that GHCA received from their consultants. The major concern still is the fact that the cleanup will cost millions and where do the funds come from.
Discussion that the entire West End should be on a future agenda; covering the area from Bassett to the Resort & Conference Resort. The development planned by Stu Bornstein, J.D. Williams, Mr. Laham should all be considered as one and not separate projects. Basically, the goal is to define the West End and ask for assistance from the BID & Growth Management.

Lodging Ordinances: nothing to report.

Appointments Committee. Per Ed M. Ed said he would volunteer to be on this committee to replace Allen Godard. There is still some work that is “in the dark” which no one hears or sees. The town hall appointments committee needs to have exposure and in the long term to become transparent.

Pilot Program: currently on hold.

Membership: Currently we have eleven (11) new members a total of 180 with 55 families (units) paid and we need approximately forty additional. Laura C. is sending out emails and then she will send out letters. This needs to be a September agenda item to work on a membership campaign.

HOS Hyannis Open Streets The two remaining dates are September 22 and October 27, 2019. A motion was made to pay $250.00 to HOS from GHCA as part of our commitment. This was approved unanimously.

Other ideas for the September agenda: GIZ status update. Vineyard Wind update since the Feds have put a hold on this project.

There was a motion to pay the HOS Insurance made by Ed M., seconded by Fred L. and unanimously approved.

FYI: Elizabeth Young left the meeting at 8:40PM.

Ralph K. advised that there is the Rotary Quahog festival being held on Sunday, August 23rd, 2019. Beginning at noon.

Per Ed. M. The Hyannis Historical Waterfront Committee is hearing a request (8/7/2019) by the owners of Hy-Line ferry to demolish the historic train round house. They currently have paved over the turn table used to turn the engines around. The Commission put this issue on hold until 9/18/2019. The GHCA did have some discussion on what they might do to preserve this facility. Some questions are what was committed at the owners’ meeting with the Planning Board a few years ago? Ed M is to try and find the old minutes. Other things were discussed as to what to do with the facility. Railroad museum for kids and adults as a year around draw.? Is this area in the GIZ? Is it in the BID map? Ed M. to contact Alan F for his historical knowledge as well as the media to try and raise public awareness. Ralph K. will be putting this item on the next Hyannis Historical Society’s agenda.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50PM

Respectfully submitted

Ralph M. Krau