Hyannis Public Library Fund Raiser

Girl Browsing Books at the Library 2003

This annual fund-raiser is crucial to the support, growth and maintenance of the Library and its many activities, and the GHCA hopes many GHCA members will attend this important fund raising event.  The Hyannis Public Library supports the Town of Barnstable, including Hyannis and all the surrounding communities, serving as a learning resource for all students and all area residents.  Almost 12,000 registered borrowers use the library for a wide range of activities, from the “Voices of the Village” HYSOY summer reading programs, to public service talks, to literacy classes.  The Library serves the 10 schools located in Hyannis, as well as local group homes and shelters.

Saturday, May 4, 6-9pm

The Fresh Ketch – 462 Main Street, Hyannis

Music by Allen McGarry and Friends, playing music from the 40’s to the present.

Tickets $25

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