Neighborhood Task Force News – Update

“Neighbors Helping Neighbors”
Pat Richards and Lili Seely

From Day One we adopted neighborhood watch groups as one of our primary goals. As we learned more we realized that our energy would be best directed in educating ourselves, and then applying that information to assist groups in developing their own groups. We are ready to deliver!

Police Chief Paul MacDonald spoke to our group in July and outlined important features of watch groups. This gave us the structure and insight to support John Lagarde, one of our task force members, in initiating a pilot program in the Compass Circle neighborhood.

A flyer was distributed to neighborhood residents, which resulted in better-than-hoped-for attendance. Again, Chief MacDonald was the speaker and offered facts about the neighborhood as well as his expertise and guidance. “You are the eyes and ears of your community” and “You know your areas better than the police” were key features of his message. He encouraged the group to report suspicious behavior including, but not limited to, unfamiliar cars patrolling the neighborhood.

The Compass Circle residents will hold their second watch meeting in early September and have compiled a list of concerns. A manual was presented to Mr. Lagarde, who, with our assistance and support will train block captains to achieve their goals.

A “Train the Trainer” step-by-step guide will also be offered to neighborhoods asking for assistance to better their communities and bring people together. The training program will assist neighborhoods to achieve goals such as neighborhood debris and cleanup, curb appeal to better property values, street lighting, stop signs and speed bumps, slow children signs, and noise control as well as the aforementioned neighborhood crime watches.

We are grateful to Chief MacDonald for his mentoring assistance. And thanks also to Roger Parsons from the Public Works Department who has initiated the beginning evaluation of the need for speed bumps on Sea Street, which was suggested by Task Force member, Russ Laporte. Co-chairs Jeanne Stevens and Pat Richards, along with NTF Facilitator, Ralph Krau, met with Mr. Parsons, and will add his information to the manual guide.

Enough said! We are on our way, and look forward to offering our services to any neighborhoods asking for our assistance. Feel free to join us at our next NTF meeting on Wednesday, September 14th, at 4:00 PM at The Federated Church in Hyannis on Main St.

If you are interested in starting a neighborhood watch group in your area, please contact us via email at For more information check our web site at