Video: Fire Commissioners Debate and Important Dates

Tuesday night’s HYFD Commissioners debate was a great success. Sponsored by the GHCA as a Candidates Night at the Hyannis town hall, the debate was well attended by both sides, which made for an interesting evening.  Both candidates’ messages were heard and they received lots of feedback and input from the residents who attended.

The debate was videotaped and can be viewed by clicking here.  We encourage you to watch it.

This debate was the first of several events regarding the proposed new fire station for the Hyannis Fire District.

  • The next HYFD Building Committee meeting is open to the public and will be held Monday May 5th, at 5PM at the Steam Ship Authority meeting room.
  • The HYFD District Commissioner Elections are on Tues. May 20.  Voting takes place 3PM to 8PM at the Hyannis Fire Station, 95 High School Rd Extension.
  • The HYFD Annual District meeting is on Wed. May 21 at 7PM at Pope John Paul II High School auditorium, 120 High School Rd, Hyannis.