Voices of the Village Meeting on Tuesday, April 26th

Recently there has been a great deal of attention focused on Hyannis and issues facing the Village. The Greater Hyannis Civic Association is sponsoring a Voices of the Village Meeting on Tuesday, April 26th, 2011 at 7 PM at the Hyannis West Elementary School. The meeting is open to all who live and/or work in the Village of Hyannis (Hyannis, West Hyannisport, and Hyannisport) or are interested citizens who would like to be involved. Time will be allocated to discuss the foundations and strengths of Hyannis, the issues that the audience feels are threatening their quality of life, and the benefits that could be gained if the issues can be addressed.

Representatives of the town council, administration and the town’s police department, regulatory services, growth management, DPW, and School Department have been invited to attend. Also invited are the Housing Assistance Corporation, the Barnstable Housing Authority, the Main Street Initiative, the District Attorney’s office, Main Street Business Improvement District, Hyannis Area Chamber of Conference, the Hyannis Fire Department and the realtors and landlords associations.

The goal of the meeting will be to form a partnership between the residents and the town and the other agencies to address the top 5 issues facing the village. Task forces for each issue will be created with residents and the representatives present. The task forces will meet and report back at a follow-up meeting to be held on May 17th where we hope to have a guide book for residents and an action plan for each issue.

It is essential that residents and business owners in the village come and be heard. Also that they volunteer to serve on one of the task forces that will be created. Come and be heard and be part of the solution. Together we can make a difference.

Mark your calendars now to join us on April 26th and May 17th at the Hyannis West Elementary School at 7 pm.


For further information but not for publication call Deb Krau, Greater Hyannis Civic Association at 508-778-1756